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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern your right to use the Website and your access to and use of the online courses, learning resources, and/or any products or services acquired in relation to the Program and/or the Website and/or any links provided on the Website to other websites.

In accessing the Website, including any and all webpages, the Program and/or the services and products, information, text and images offered or provided on the Website, you are deemed to have read and personally agreed to the Terms and Conditions

In downloading any content from the Program to your computer, you do not receive any ownership rights to such content and by downloading any content you agree not to use the content for any unlawful purpose and you agree that your use of the Program is only for your personal use and not for any commercial or other use contrary to these Terms and Conditions and our legal rights in respect of the Website and Online courses.

You agree that when you register, activate and download the learning materials/ online courses you will not reproduce, distribute in person, publish, republish, print, upload to any third party, post on any social media site or forum, or distribute or modify or otherwise deal with any content in the Website in whatever format, personally or otherwise, and/or provide it, or any part of it, to a third party that would otherwise infringe our intellectual property rights.

You agree that in downloading any service or product from the Program, you will not rent, lease or lend it to a third party nor decompile, reverse engineer, modify or derive content from the Program and/or make it available over a network where it could be used by multiple devices at the same time

You agree that your use of the Website will not violate any laws without limitation, including those governing competition, advertising, consumer protection laws, privacy, obscenity, spamming, stalking, intellectual property rights and/or defamation in the Republic of Ireland and when accessed in another jurisdiction the laws of that jurisdiction and Irish law, so far as the laws are not inconsistent, in which case you agree to be bound by the laws for The Republic of Ireland.

You agree that in using the Website, you will not post threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, offensive, hate mail or speech or facilitate others to commit such acts in whatever format.

You agree that you will not post comments about the Website, any of its content, its individual representatives, officers, directors, consultants and/or employees without the prior written consent of ourselves.


You agree to provide accurate and truthful details about yourself for the purposes of your registration to any Program, and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your registration if we discover you have, at any time, provided inaccurate, incomplete or misleading personal information.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to terminate your access to the Program if, in our opinion, you have failed to comply with any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

All materials and information provided in the courses and programs are for personal development purposes only. The intention is to inspire and nourish participants and the invitation is to explore and experiment with the wisdom of cycles. The process is a learning one but it is not therapy.


You may cancel your registration (please note a refund will not be issued when cancelling) to any program by notifying and we can then archive any information about you, or your account, stored in our database as well as cease the provision of any information to you. (Your information archived will be stored for 7 years from the date of purchase and/or registration at which point in time it will be deleted or destroyed.)

We can terminate your licence to use the Program in our sole discretion if we believe you have breached any one of the Terms and Conditions of this license and/or you have or are facilitating the unlawful activity of a third party in respect of the Program and further, we are at liberty to take any other action necessary to enforce these Terms and Conditions of this license.


In purchasing any product or services from the Website (“the Purchase”) you agree to:

(a) pay using a valid credit card (or other form of payment as we may allow);
(b) provide us with current and complete information as detailed in the purchase order form including full legal name, telephone number, email address, credit card details and billing information as required and without limiting any of our rights and remedies if we discover or believe that any information provided by you is inaccurate or incomplete, we reserve the right to refuse to continue with your Purchase, or put on hold or terminate your access to the website, the Program or any of the services or products provided by us at any stage at our sole discretion and you forfeit any right to a refund of any payment made by you for the Purchase;
(c) pay all costs, fees, charges, applicable taxes and other charges as may be incurred in respect of the Purchase (“the costs”); and
(d) all costs are in Euros unless otherwise indicated.

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