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This Angelic Spiritual healing system is specifically designed for healing alongside the Angels and Archangels. The healer learns practical healing techniques to help themselves and also exercises to accelerate their spiritual evolution.

This course reawakens the angelic connection of the healer and activates the Angelic Light Body of the healer. On the course there are Angelic Attunements and techniques to help the healer evolve energetically where the Archangels rebuild the Angelic Light Body and help the healer work within the Angelic Healing Frequencies.

Within this Angelic Course, the healer learns of and studies techniques to work with the various Archangels and also of the various Angelic Races.

The healer of this course should notice acceleration in their healing abilities and a dramatic reduction in time normally taken to help heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Angelic Core Healing

Seeking angelic help from your personal

This course is divided into 3 levels taken over 6 weekends in total. The healer if so chooses may work with clientele after the Level One is completed (the first 2 weekends). Within each level it is expected for the healer to complete 4 case studies of 4 sessions. Each level is taken by the healer at their own pace.

Course Requirements: The Angelic Healing Course is not a basic course. It is recommended for the healer to have already at least completed a basic course in Angelic Healing either/or Integrated Energy Therapy Level 1 & 2, either / or Angel Energy Therapy either / or Reiki Level 1 & 2 or some other form of spiritual healing.

The format of the course takes place over a weekend, each day the healer learns the techniques and then practises the healing techniques on each other. As a result the healer recevies a tremendous amount of healing themselves on the weekend.

Fee: € 350 euro per weekend.
Time: 10am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday.


Rosemary, Co.Meath

"I began attending the ACH course in September 2009. I was very drawn to the Angelic energies and felt that this course would help me to progress on my spiritual path. My expectations were met and exceeded. Through each workshop I became more connected to and gained more knowledge on the Angelic energies and how to use these energies to improve my life on all levels. Coupled with the unending support that Brian offers during and after the workshops, this course has had an everlasting positive impact on me and my spiritual journey."

Anne, Dublin

I have been blessed to be part of Angelic Core Healing since June 2008 and it has been the most wonderful and rewarding thing I have ever experienced! Through ACH I have come to be more self aware, enabling me to uncover my own truth and move along my ascension path – it truly has been life changing, not only for me but also for those around me, clients, family and friends, the ripple effect of ACH has touched many people and helped them in so many ways.

Having Brian as our teacher and guide through ACH has made it an even better experience. Brian brings all his years of healing and teaching to ACH, a huge amount of patience and understanding and has the wonderful ability to allow each person find their own path and fully support them on their journey.

Angelic Core Healing has brought me so much joy, it is really hard to put into words, but I would say that if you are drawn to the course, don’t hesitate to do it, you will love it!

Rebecca, Dublin

"To say I enjoyed the Angelic Core Healing course is an understatement. I benefited from it hugely. It enhanced my own healing abilities and many of my clients benefited greatly with the techniques I learnt on the course. Brian is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend the ACH course as a means of moving forward on your own spiritual mission and ascension path also. ACH has become part of my life and it has brought me closer to my higher self than I would ever have imagined.

Level One Part I  (weekend one)

In weekend one, the healer learns to work actively with the energies of Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel.

The healer will learn General Angelic Healing Techniques ranging from healing and protecting the energy system of the healer to removing negative thoughts and negative emotions from the aura and chakra system. There will be techniques to strengthen the aura.

On weekend one, the healer learns to work with
Archangel Raphael’s Crystal Heart energies and transmit Raphael’s healing frequencies as well working with Raphael to perceive the Angels on a clairvoyant and sensory level.
We also work actively with the unique healing energies of
Archangel Michael and also learn how to anchor the Etheric Divine template to repair and strengthen the healer’s energy system. There are also techniques with Archangel Michael to release any unwanted energies of the healer’s chakra system.
We work with
Archangel Chamuel and learn how to support ourselves emotionally and energetically with Chamuel’s healing techniques.

A meditation CD will be given with meditations to help integrate the angelic healing energies. Full Support is available after the course is given. A certifcate of completion will be given at the end of each level (every second weekend) when the client case studies are completed.

Level One Part II (weekend two)

In weekend two, the healer learns to work actively with the energies of Archangel Metatron and

Archangel Mari-el.

On the second weekend, we learn more General Angelic Healing techniques to repair and strengthen our connection to the angels. As well learning how to work with the Angelic Sigils. We work with the healing energies of Archangel Mari-el to support our multi-dimensional energy system. We also heal and activate the Angelic Light Hologram. The healer learns powerful healing tools to work with Archangel Metatron and further building of the Angelic Light Body. Also we learn how to channel the powerful transformative healing energies of Archangel Metatron and learn how to work with and access the Human Bio planetary hologram.

A meditation CD will be given with meditations to help integrate the angelic healing energies.


Debbie, Dublin

"Angelic Core healing is an amazing healing system. I have studied and worked with other healing systems but the one I really connect with is the ACH. I can honestly say it has changed my life most definitely for the better. 
It's extremely powerful and empowering. It has been a guideline for my own healing and ascension process. The people who have trained with me on the course have become some of my closest friends. Brian is an excellent, intuitive powerful healer and teacher. The techniques he teaches are of assistance in both my own healing practice and my own spiritual journey. ACH is of great assistance to anyone who consciously raising their own vibrations."

Sandra, Dublin

"Brian is a very gifted spiritual healer and teacher. I would highly recommend Brian's courses for those wishing to work with the Angels and to progress on their spiritual journey. I have learnt so much through the ACH courses and continue to grow and learn. It is a joy to take part."

"Having access to ACH is like having access to a Galactic Spiritual Computer. The learning of specialised ACH techniques provides limitless opportunities to heal oneself, others and the entire universe."

"Angelic Core Healing" has been a major stepping stone in guiding me and bringing enlightenment into my life.  The techniques that I have learned have really enhanced my healing abilities and have helped to open my physic centres.  I feel I am now on the cusp of major change in my life and I give credit to "Angelic Core Healing" for bringing me to this point.  

Michela, Dublin

"I am grateful that my angels and guides guided me to Brian McCullen. He has been my Angelic and Reiki teacher since 2008 and each course I attended with him was a truly invaluable experience! It is hard to put in words how much I gained from the ACH courses as each week-end was filled with many beautiful experiences. I would highly recommend Angelic Core Healing with Brian McCullen. I would recommend him as an Angelic Teacher as he makes your whole experience with the Angels absolutely amazing. The experiences during the courses were very unique and tangible for the whole group. I would recommend Angelic Core Healing to those who really want to progress along their life path. The changes and experiences are still going on in my personal life weeks after I finished the course, so it is not just during the week-ends, but it is a unique ongoing experience."

Siobhan, Kildare

Helen, Kildare

**Course Criteria: This course is strongly not recommended for those who suffer from Manic Depression or Bi-Polar Depression or Mental Disorders. Also energy healing of any type is strongly not recommended for those who currently take Recreational Drugs. Please ask Brian about any questions in relation to this. Of course any information given is held in strictest confidence**

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