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Group Distant Healing Membership

There has been a lot of interest in my online distant healing sessions.   So after much consideration I will be launching a group distant healing membership.



For those of you interested in what this membership looks like and what you will receive. The distant healing membership consists of:


  • 1-hour distant healing three times a month where you get to submit your healing intentions beforehand.

  • A clearing meditation at that start of the healing 

  • Followed by a grounding meditation at the end of the healing.

As it will be group distant healing,   I will be offering it at a special discounted rate of € 35 per month that is €11.60 per distant healing session. For anyone that would like this extra healing support.

"Would you like to receive a relaxing healing timeout with the Angels 3 times a month?"


  • Monday 8th April @ 9pm

  • Monday 15th April @ 12:30pm

  • Monday 29th April @ 9pm

  • Monday 13th May @ 9pm

  • Monday 20th May @ 12.30pm

  • Monday 27th May @ 9pm

Listening to Music

How do I Set my Intentions ? 

24 hours before a distant healing session, you will receive an email from me requesting your intentions for the distant healing session. Simply reply to this email with your intention for the healing session.    All desired intentions are confidential.  


What do I do with the intentions? 

During the actual distant healing session I will call upon your Spirit Guides, Angels and Higher Self to pray for you and to give you healing and bring you into alignment with receiving and manifesting your desired intentions.  

​You mentioned a Discounted Rate - what is it?

As it will be group distant healing,   I will be offering it at a special discounted members rate of

€ 35 per month that includes the 3 distant healing sessions and access to the 3 distant healing sessions recorded on zoom. 

Thank you for your interest in the Distant Healing Monthly membership.  The Distant Healing Sessions will take place over Zoom, this will consist of 1-hour distant healing three times a month where you get to submit your healing intentions beforehand. Don’t worry about showing your face on zoom, you don’t need to, I know quite a few people will be in their pyjamas and laying down to receive this healing. :)


The format of the  Distant Healing Sessions will consist of a clearing meditation at that beginning of the healing and then the main healing for your desired intentions. During this stage I will be playing meditation music and lower my voice so you won’t be able to hear me praying and sending healing for the individual intentions and healing requests - this is for confidentiality.  Towards the end of the hour we will be doing a grounding meditation to help integrate the healing energy and balance your energy field. 













Most of you may already know what Distant Healing is but for those that do not know, distant healing is simply sending healing energy across time and space. All I need to send healing to you is to use your name to connect with your energy field and then I call upon your Spirit Guides, Healing Angels, and Higher Self to assist and amplify the healing energy and help you to manifest the desired intentions and fulfill your healing requests.  As time and space does not affect distant healing, I can send healing if you’re in another country or timezone. 

Whatever healing energy comes through is whatever is needed and necessary at the time.  As most of you already are aware, you are responsible for your own healing path and well being.  These Distant Healing Sessions help boost your energy and accelerate your healing.  


I have received great questions on the format of the Distant Healing which prompted me to answer them here for you.


When Do the Healing Sessions Take Place?

The Distant Healing Sessions take place over Zoom currently the times will be 9pm Ireland, Dublin (GMT) on every second Monday Night.  And the 3rd Distant Healing Sessions take place over Zoom on a Monday morning @ 12.30 Ireland, Dublin (GMT)

Relaxing with Music

If you are wondering if this is for you let me help you decide!


This is for you if  ….

You would like general healing support with your Angels and Spirit Guides and Higher Self.

You would like a timeout to relax and a space to heal three times per month.

You assume responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.  


This is not for you if …

You feel you need personal support, that interaction is best within a one to one healing session. 

You feel the need for personal guidance, again this is best left to a one to one healing session. 

You do not assume responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.  


If this is something that resonates with you, please click on the Paypal Subscribe Button below to sign up for this extra healing support.

What if I’m not available to receive healing at that time? 

That’s no problem at all, you can still receive it whilst you’re doing other things or unavailable or I can stipulate that the healing goes through at a time when it’s more convenient for you, eg. when you’re asleep etc. 


What if I can’t make the time of the Distant Healing session ? 

Don’t worry if you can’t make the Zoom Distant Healing session, the healing will still take place and if you have signed up for the zoom recordings, you can always go back and listen to the Distant Healing session in your own time.  


When will the recordings be available?

Zoom recordings will be sent out within 24-48 hours after a Distant Healing session.

Do I need to have my camera on while on Zoom?

You don’t need to show your face on the zoom Distant Healing session - all participants will be muted to ensure as much peace and quiet during the session.  

And you will only be seeing me on the Zoom screen during the zoom recordings. 


Do I even have to be on zoom? Can I not just receive the healing in my own space? 

Yes of course! Absolutely whatever feels right with you. 

What if I find this is not for me after a few months? 

No problem at all, you can unsubscribe at any time by emailing me at


Do I need to sign up at the start of the month or when? No you can sign up at anytime, Paypal takes the monthly subscription on the date taken a month later, so you can sign up mid-month or at anytime. 

How Can I sign up for this membership?  You can sign up below

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