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Psychic Awareness & Development Course For Healers


The aim of this course is awaken our natural psychic abilities in a safe and comfortable environment. This course is created especially for those who like to connect more to the Spiritual and Psychic realities enabling the participant to be well balanced and integrated within a holistic framework. The Psychic Awareness & Development Course takes place over 8 weeks, within these 8 weeks; the participant undergoes various psychic and spiritual exercises to awaken and strengthen the psychic faculties. 


This course is excellent is for those involved in: Spiritual Healing, spiritual growth and personal development, meditation, spiritual readers or anyone curious of investigating the world of spirit. There is also special emphasis on the Chakras, and Chakra exercises given to help the participant empower herself.


Throughout the course, there are 8 morning sessions, which takes place on a weekly basis. Each Module will be 2 hours. Specially designed exercises are given weekly to help in the process of psychically awakening.


This course will be exceptional to previous courses as we will be re-calibrating our energy system and psychic centres every week on the course to let go any blockages in relation to becoming intuitive and psychically sensitive.


Celene, Co.Meath

"Brian is an amazing, very patient and gifted teacher. This course has amplified my connection, trust and confidence to source and more importantly to trust and be confident in myself. This course has been amazing from start to finish and for myself held not one but many wow moments that reassured me that this is all part of something bigger and that healing etc most definitely is apart of my life purpose and to continue to nurture my gifts. I would highly recommend Brian as a teacher if you are interested in developing your own special gifts. He goes above and beyond what is expected from a teacher and truly has his students best interests at heart."

Linda , Co.Louth

​"I found the psychic development for healers 8 week course to be really beneficial and enjoyable. Brian has provided me with all the skills and techniques to progress on my spiritual journey. I found Brian to be a great teacher, very patient, supportive and encouraging. "

Ciara, Co. Armagh

"To have connected with Brian and been part of his Psychic Development Course was an honour. It was a truly wonderful learning experience to help me grow my psychic skills and in my role as a Healer. The confidence he had in my ability encouraged my growth, helped me to happily do my practice at home with his guidance and I always looked forward to the next weeks group meeting. I discovered gifts that I had not expected to find but was over the moon to. I am growing because of it and growing further into the Healer I know I am meant to be. I am truly grateful. Brian’s wealth of knowledge and experience were a joy and privilege to be able to listen to and learn from."

Also the course participants will receive audio meditations via smartphone/email and techniques to enhance the psychic faculties.


  • Clairsentience - Auric Awareness – Sensing Psychic Spaces – Sensing Guides and Angels (safely)

  • Spiritual & Advanced Psychic Protection Techniques

  • Clairvoyance: Seeing through the Third Eye

  • Scanning, Reading and Cleansing the Aura

  • Meeting and 'Seeing' our Spirit Guides and Angels.

  • Spiritual Grounding 

  • Clairaudience - Listening to our Spirit Guides and Angels

  • Psychometry - reading impressions from other's personal objects and jewellery.

  • Angel and Tarot Card Readings – Learning how to read intuitively (please note this module is not professional Classical Tarot Card reading.)

Please note: 80% of course must be attended to receive Certificate of Completion of the course.

**Course Criteria: This course is strongly not recommended for those who suffer from Manic Depression or Bi-Polar Depression or Mental Disorders. Also energy healing of any type is strongly not recommended for those who currently take Recreational Drugs. Please ask Brian about any questions in relation to this. Of course any information given is held in strictest confidence**

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