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Brian is currently Booked Out for healing sessions but if you like you can subscribe to the Waiting List for healing sessions below or consider subscribing to the Group Distant Healing where you get receive group distant and meditate with Brian for 3 hours per month.

Angelic Healing

Angelic healing is a pure joy and very effective in restoring natural balance and support to the physical, emotional and mental body.  I have trained in various Angel healing systems, Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T.), Angel Energy Therapy and my own trademarked form of unique Angelic Healing:

Angelic Core Healing  


I channel healing energies from the angelic realm in and around the recipient’s body and aura, bringing in a deep feeling of peace and guides the client into a profound sense of calm and relaxation. Various healing Angels such as Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel and Metatron are called in to assist with healing on various levels depending on the client’s needs. 

Seeking angelic help from your personal

This gentle but powerful healing therapy that works across all levels.  


  • Assisting in healing physical aches and pains, conditions and injuries. I use various angelic techniques to help accelerate the physical body to help heal and repair itself. 

  • Angel healing is excellent for emotional healing, sadness, heartache, depression and supporting and strengthening the emotional body of the client. 

  • The vast majority of clients ease into a place of peace within themselves during the angelic healing session, this allows the mind to gently wander and let go of tension and stress.

The fascinating aspect of angel healing especially the unique form I pioneered and work with;

Angelic Core Healing Ⓡ helps heal multiple levels of the recipient's energy field at once, helping the numerous layers of the human spiritual energy system to repair itself and become harmonious.

How does an Angelic Healing session work ? 

At the beginning of the healing session,  I will ask you what you would like healing for,  alike all other healing therapies Brian practices, the recipient remains fully clothed and relaxes onto the healing couch. After the healing session I will give feedback on which areas showed up in the healing and suggestions to assist in maintaining healing for those areas or issues.

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