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Brian is currently Booked Out for healing sessions but if you like you can subscribe to the Waiting List for healing sessions below or consider subscribing to the Group Distant Healing where you get receive group distant and meditate with Brian for 3 hours per month.

My 1 to 1 Healing Services
 over zoom/phone or in person

Seeking angelic help from your personal

Angelic Healing

A powerful but gentle healing for rejuvenation and profound relaxation with the healing angels.


Spiritual Mentorship & Personalised Healing

Customised to suit and meet your needs across many levels.  A deeper level of support and guidance.  

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Crystal Healing

Excellent healing boost for the mind, heart and body.  Intensive healing and deep infusion of healing energies.


What to expect at your appointment

I use a combination of various energy healing systems and therapeutic techniques within the sessions to bring you to a place of feeling peace and calm within yourself and give you various practise help you to find the place of calm and peace within yourself in your own daily life. Ultimately leading you to be the person you are supposed to be and living life to the full. 

At the beginning of the healing session,  I will ask you what you would like healing for,  alike all other healing therapies Brian practices, the recipient remains fully clothed and relaxes onto the healing couch. After the healing session I will give feedback on which areas showed up in the healing and suggestions to assist in maintaining healing for those areas or issues.


Johnstown Road, Enfield, County Meath


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