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About me

I have been working in the healing area for nearly 30 years, I am a kind and compassionate man who strongly believes everyone has the ability to heal and regain control of their life. I do not feel anyone needs to suffer emotional or physical pain unnecessarily and I help empower individuals with techniques and healing tools to help them on their path, and maintain the highest standard of professionalism in regard to the therapies I practise.


Through the various healing systems and therapies I practise, I can help you to feel more relaxed, self assured and confident.  There are many levels I work across, helping to heal the physical body eg. physical injuries, aches and pains etc. And healing on the emotional level, helping you to release anxiety, stress and feel more calm and peaceful and healing the mental level helping you to feel more focused, clear of mind and balanced. 

"I work with clients who want to learn how to be more relaxed, self empowered

and take control of their lives."

I have always sought my own truth and real Self on my path. In short, I always seeks to practise what I preach. As I have always been highly sensitive to other people's emotions and energies, I've learned to turn this around to be able to help people release their own stuck emotions and transform thought processes that are not beneficial.  Through my own experience I have a deep understanding of both the sceptic and believer within us, whichever labels we put on spiritual energies, I show others how to self maintain and increase their own spiritual and emotional well being in their daily lives. I am very universal in my approach and have a profound respect for anyone of any religious or personal beliefs.

I am a constant student of healing and love to always discover more about healing and the spiritual world around us. 

I have trained in a multitude of healing systems and therapies over the years:

  • Angelic Core Healing®

  • Integrated Energy Therapy

  • Angel Energy Therapy

  • Reiki Healing

  • Seicheim

  • Crystal Healing

  • Magnified Energy Healing

  • Rahanni

  • Transpersonal Counselling

  • Neuro Linguistics Programming

  • Thought Field Therapy

  • Life Coaching. 


I have written several articles for health magazines on healing. Also I am an author and founder of the Angel Healing Course: Angelic Core Healing® which is a result of years of healing experience with thousands of client sessions.

I also have a highly successful YouTube channel with healing meditations specifically designed for healers and therapists but will also help anyone from newbie to advanced. 


People from all over Europe attend my healing courses because of my reputation in helping healers reach a high professional standard. I have been teaching healers since 1999 and have been blessed to have trained in thousands of healers.

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